Chia and Quinoa

New, exotic and trendy in the kitchen, healthy seeds and foods. Some of the super foods, known from ancient times, do not thrive in Bulgaria, but each of them is unique and has its own useful properties. Chia and Quinoa are one of them.

In ancient times, Chia seeds was so prized that it was used as a coin. For centuries, small seeds have been a staple food for people from the Southwest and Mexico. Known as high-energy endurance food, it dates back to the ancient Aztecs. It has also been shown to have twice as much protein than other grains, twice as much antioxidants as blueberries, five times more calcium than milk, twice as much potassium than bananas, and three times as much iron as spinach. The home of Quinoa is South America. It is a cereal-like crop, but is a close relative of spinach, beets and quinoa and has excellent nutritional qualities.