Oat flakes – Fine

Apart from the regular Oat flakes, we offer fine flakes and oat bran as well. Their greatest advantage is their easy preparation. They are ready for consumption immediately after you pour e.g. milk on them, so you avoid long soaking time.




Oats are the seeds of a grass, (Avena sativa), which has been cultivated for thousands of years. They are extremely high in fiber, especially when eaten whole, and they contain a number of other useful vitamins and minerals. One of the traditional uses of oats is in oatmeal, a dish made by cooking oats with water, milk, or another liquid to soften them, and oats are also used in baking and mixed-grain cereals.

Nutritional composition of oats

Average Content and nutritional value in 100 g:

Product water in% kcal protein / gr fat / gr all char. / gr chole./mg sugars / gr fiber / gr
Oat flakes 8.22 389 16.89 6.9 66.27 0 10.6

Oat flakes have been specially treated so that they will cook quickly. This food is extremely versatile, and it can be found in a range of recipes and an assortment of places as a result.

Some people like to use oat flakes as a breakfast cereal, heating them and mixing them with an assortment of ingredients. They can also be added to baked goods like muffins, cookies, and bread, creating additional texture and adding to the nutritional value of these foods. Some people also mix them in with granola, muesli, and other cold breakfast cereal mixes. Oat flakes can also be added to pancakes. Technically, oat flakes can be eaten straight out of the box, although they may not be very exciting in this form.